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To provide quality care to support your child’s development one stride at a time

In-Home Pediatric Physical Therapy

Developing Strides Therapy provides expert pediatric physical therapy services for infants, children, and teens in the privacy of your own home. Physical therapy helps to improve your child’s strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and neuromuscular control to help achieve age appropriate gross motor skills and participate in activities safely with peers. Working directly with you, Alyssa will evaluate your child's needs and develop a plan of care to help the child attain new skills and meet your developmental goals. Developing Strides Therapy’s services focus on providing individualized care and educating parents to make sure they feel comfortable understanding the goals and techniques of therapy. Physical therapy services are carried out in the child’s natural environment, which allows maximal progression towards goals.

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  • Improved comfort for you and your child

  • Flexibility to provide services in your home, outdoors, or at your local playground

  • Decreased exposure for very young or sick infants

  • Services are provided in your natural environment where your child will be performing skills on a daily basis

  • Assistance setting up your home environment to foster your child's motor development

Meet Dr. Dixon


I am a board certified and licensed physical therapist in the state of Florida. I received my Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science at the University of Tampa in 2014 and my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in 2017. I have 3 years pediatric physical therapy experience in the clinic-based and home-based settings with children from age 0-18. I also specialize in pediatric pelvic health.


Ever since I was younger, I always had a passion for pediatrics. Whether I was babysitting my cousins over the summer or volunteering to help kids in need, I could never get enough time with them.  I grew up in New Jersey and my love for the medical field and warm weather brought me to Florida for my college education. It wasn't long after, that my parents fell in love with Florida living and moved as well. I met my true love at the University of Tampa in 2011 and we are now married for over 2 years.  We started our little family with two dogs, Benson and Rini, and they keep us very busy. My family has  always supported my ambitions and encouraged me to start Developing Strides Therapy. In my free time,  I enjoy working out, going to the beach, and seeking out life's new adventures.

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Please contact us with your interest in Developing Strides Therapy physical therapy services. Alyssa will perform an initial phone consultation to learn about your child and your concerns to determine if Developing Strides Therapy services are appropriate.  She will schedule a physical therapy evaluation in the comfort of your own home to discuss your concerns and complete a comprehensive assessment of your child.  From the evaluation findings, she will develop a plan of care with you for future visits and recommended home activities. 

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Developing Strides Therapy reviews development and provides hands on teaching for developmental positions with opportunities for parent practice.  The casual and comfortable environment encourages parent and child interaction while learning from expert pediatric physical therapist in a social setting. Alyssa customizes treatment to meet the needs of the parents and the developmental stage of the child.

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