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Physical Therapy evaluation

During an evaluation, Alyssa will review  your child’s history, discuss your concerns, and evaluate your child’s movement patterns and gross motor development using physical examination and standardized testing. Alyssa will develop a plan of care based off your child’s functional needs.

Physical Therapy treatment session

Alyssa will come into your home based on the frequency discussed after the initial evaluation and use the following techniques to help your child reach his or her goals:

  • Developmental therapy 

  • Motor learning/control

  • Strengthening programs

  • Stretching programs

  • Agility training 

  • Sports Specific training 

  • Pre-gait and gait training

  • Torticollis Program

  • Kinesiotaping 

  • Balance exercises

  • Coordination exercises

  • Therapeutic exercises

  • Therapeutic activities

  • Manual therapy 

  • Parent education

  • Home program development 

Physical Therapy re-evaluation

At the conclusion of the plan of care (typically 6 months),  Alyssa will evaluate progress towards goals and re-examine your child for factors affecting gross motor development. Alyssa will then determine if your child needs continued therapy or if he/she is ready for discharge. 

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